Dec. 12, 2002
Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Yukihiro and I were extremely busy this year.  He was writing about time management and 
finances this year and the book will be published in early January. Hefs already offered to publish 
the next book.  He is very excited about that.  

As to my life, I'm working at several universities as a part-time English teacher and published some 
English conversation books this year.  One of the books I really like is Feminism in Easy English.  
As many people know, my academic background is womenfs studies.  Since I came back to Japan 
and was teaching English in Japanese universities, I had wanted to integrate my academic knowledge 
into teaching-English-work.  Fortunately, I got a grant from the city government.  
Since then, I have been offered to give a lecture and write essays about gWomen and English.h 
These things made me busy, but it was delightful for me.

As I already mentioned last year, Yukihiro and I have been a host family for Reika.  She will make 
7 visits to our home in a winter vacation.  She became 5 years old.  We are very happy to have her 
this winter vacation, too.  We are hoping that she can get a passport in the near future and travel 

Have good holidays.  We hope to see you.  

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